“I have been a member of the Williamsburg Golf Club for 4 years.  During that period of time, I have invited hundreds of people to join me at the club.  Some came for conferences that I had hosted, some came to join me for a meal, and of course there were those who joined me for a round of golf at one of Virginia’s finest courses.  During this time of inviting friends and co workers to join me at WGC, I never received anything but the most positive and glowing comments about our club.
There are three areas that people responded most often.  The first was how professional, gracious, helpful, and friendly our staff were to them.  Second, was how nice our club house and dining facilities are.  It had just the right touch of Williamsburg without feeling dated.  And last but not least, was our great golf course.  The one comment I heard over and over was “This is one of the most enjoyable courses I have every played”.  My response was always the same, “I feel the same way every time I tee it up at WGC”.    For these reasons and many more, I always enjoy inviting my friends to join me at the Williamsburg Golf Club.”
-4 year member

“I joined Williamsburg Golf Club because it is a golf club.  I’ve found the golf course is exceptional – the best in the area.   It’s challenging and fun to play – and you are permitted to walk, which is awesome.   I’ve been tremendously impressed with the amount of golf activities available and all the club staff is amazing.   This is a first class Golf Club – all the way.”

-1 Year Member

“Our staff and members all create a wonderful and meaningful membership experience that I feel is unique in a private club setting.”

-30 Year Member 

“I previewed Williamsburg Golf Club because of an invitation sent in the mail. After coming out and meeting the staff and playing a round, I quickly fell in love. The course is kept in phenomenal shape and the quick pace of play makes it easy to sneak in rounds without killing the entire day. The locker room and adjoining lounge area are beautiful, and add to the overall high-end atmosphere of the club. My family enjoys the restaurant, and we dine there as much as possible. It is nice to have a quiet, relaxed environment to enjoy a meal together. I utilize the club quite a bit to entertain business associates, and because there are so many places that we can meet and talk in private, I find we are able to get a tremendous amount of business done, both on and off the course. Our company has recently used Williamsburg Country Club for our Christmas party. The employees enjoyed getting out of the hectic Christmas world to a secluded environment for the party. I feel that this club is a real gem, and everyone I bring out here feels the same way. I would thoroughly recommend anyone looking at joining a club such as this to take a look at Williamsburg Golf Club.”

 – 1 Year Member

“Three hour rounds with the best greens in Hampton Roads.”

-4 Year Member

“We have met some of our best friends because of this club.”

-14 Year Member

“Williamsburg Golf Club puts me  in mind of the old TV series “Cheers” where each show started with a tune proclaiming that when you arrived everyone knew your name and were glad you that you were there!  That’s what being a member at Williamsburg Golf Club feels like!  I have played most of the courses in the area and there is no finer course than ours.  As an added bonus…we never have to deal with 5 hour rounds!  If I were not a member at WCC I would not play much golf!  All the trouble is taken out of the equation at the Club.”

-19 Year Member

“As an avid golfer, Williamsburg Golf Club has given me a great place to practice and play. The course very well maintained fun to play with some of the best greens around. The members have been extremely friendly. The staff is absolutely fantastic! A true hidden gem in Williamsburg.”

-1 Year Member