Williamsburg Golf Club, formally Williamsburg Country Club, was established in 1958. The land, of great historical interest, was a site in the Civil War involving the capture of Fort Magruder. Fort Magruder was the center of the Williamsburg Line. During the Battle of Williamsburg, General Magruder’s men were key in delaying Union troops on their way to Richmond. The land, fertile farm land, later served as a storage and shipping point for cattle in both World War I and II.

In April of 1958, Ben Levinson, of the Levinson Live Stock Farm, sold 601 acres of farm land to the newly formed Pleasant View Corporation. Soon after, in October of 1958, the first Board of Directors of the former Williamsburg Country Club was founded. In March of 1959, the Board of Directors led by President L. B. Peterson, elected Golf Course architect William F. Gordon for the course design. Gordon had no problem choosing the most fertile rolling land to build the championship course. The first nine was completed in October of 1959 and the original Clubhouse soon followed in February of 1960. The membership continued to raise funds and in 1961 the second nine was completed.

The Club is situated on 153 acres of rolling fairways, lake and marshes serving as the natural habitat for several species of birds and fish. The Course also served as a host for the qualifying tournament of the 2004 USGA Women’s Open along with several other premier Four Ball tournaments in Virginia.

In 2009, new ownership enlisted John LaFoy, Golf Course architect, to update and modernize the course while maintaining the original character. The complete course rebuild consisted of new tees, fairways, greens, bunkers, cart paths and a state of the art practice facility. The Golf Course was not the only area of the club that would undergo major renovation. Interior designer, Reese Fowler of Seattle was hired to update the Clubhouse. The complete remodel, interior and exterior, perfected the colonial charm of the Club. The rich enhancements included granite countertops, custom cherry wood lockers, an expanded Grille Room, beautiful furnishings and a patio overlooking the 1st and 10th tee and fairways and the 9th and 18th greens. The Club re-opened in June of 2010 as Williamsburg Golf Club, the leading private golf club on the peninsula.