Thank you to all of the participants of the Member-Guest this past weekend. It was the largest field to date and was a huge success. We had a great event and were fortunate to have beautiful weather. We had a lot of fun with Night Golf Thursday Night. There was a lot of tough competition through all five rounds of match play. Thank you to everyone that came to the Awards Reception Saturday Night.

Congratulations to our 2016 Champions, Jon Liebler and Tim Smith!

Flight 1
1st Place: Skeeter Heath and Nathaniel Crosby
2nd Place: Mike Leach and Paul Mauk

Flight 2:
1st Place: Jon Liebler and Tim Smith
2nd Place: Tyler Johnson and Larry Collier

Flight 3:
1st Place: Mark Eggleston and Tom Cherry
2nd Place: Bobby Hughes and Donnie Beamon

Flight 4:
1st Place: Marty Larkin and Scott Larkin
2nd Place: Kerry Smith and Richard Pierce

Flight 5:
1st Place: Paul Causby and Scott Causby
2nd Place: Jason Banwart and Stuart Wash

Flight 6:
1st Place: Stuart Sim and Jeff Snead
2nd Place: Dwight Schaubach and Woody Parsons

Flight 7:
1st Place: Gary Brandt and Charles Young
2nd Place: Gil Short and Bruce Downey

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